The Problem

Thales approached us while seeking a partner to help them uncover the benefits that Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) could bring to them, and outline a timeline for the delivery any solutions.

Aware of the imminent growth of Unmanned Aerial Systems as a technology, Thales were seeking an innovation partner to help them identify opportunities to pursue.

hedgehog lab Chief Design Officer, Ray Clarke, said: "Thales approached us about this project because of our expertise and experience when it comes to designing products that meet and exceed the user experience expectations of consumers."

Thales wanted to start with a blank canvas, meaning we would be required to research how the industry will develop before documenting any developable solutions.

Thales drone concept
Thales drone concept

The Solution

Founded on extensive research of the sector, hedgehog lab presented the concept of ProDrone, a software platform that connects drone operators and businesses with customers. 

Our extensive research identified that the drone industry would be worth $100bn by 2020, with military, consumer and commercial use driving exponential growth. 

Having delved into the commercial markets that will embrace the technology, the team created four user personas. These helped to create user journeys which addressed the needs of drone operators of all abilities, as well as businesses and customers who'd require their services.

Ultimately, we'd present the ProDrone platform, designed to connect customers to drone operators and their services. Our development roadmap also identified how the platform could evolve to include autonomous flight, intelligent use of user data, virtual reality piloting and more.

"We had an excellent meeting with the entire team and were very impressed with the quality of work produced by the hedgehog lab team. The depth of research that went into understanding our problem, the domain space and our users was incredible, and we were thoroughly impressed."



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