The Purpose

In a market where first-time and younger drivers are unfairly punished by higher premiums, InsurTech disruptor honcho hatched the idea of a reverse auction marketplace where insurers bid for your business in a battle to offer better value premiums than their competitors.

Upending a £1.8trn industry isn’t easy and coming up with a unique, disruptive idea is only half the battle. Successfully road testing, building and launching it to market is an even bigger test where countless great ideas have foundered.

With such an innovative concept, honcho needed a partner who could provide both strategic and research input to validate the idea, and the design and engineering expertise to deliver the finished product to a high standard.

Honcho app Your bids & driving licence screens
Honcho add drivers & Car insurance bids screens

The Brief

As their long-term design and engineering partners, hedgehog lab has worked closely with the honcho team on the journey from their wildly successful first crowdfunding drive to the eventual launch of the platform itself.

For such a huge project, honcho required everything from deep market analysis of competing products to design and development work that encompassed user journeys, UI/UX and back-end development work.

At its core the platform works by asking users to enter their data and the type of insurance product they require. Using this information insurers then have to compete for the user’s business through three rounds of bids, making premiums more competitively priced as a result.

Combining our design expertise to create an engaging, hassle-free and fun user experience with our deep technical smarts to build complex integrations with the back-end systems of some of the world’s biggest insurance companies, our work helped to bring this truly disruptive new product to market.

The Product

The honcho platform launched in summer 2019 with bespoke iOS and Android apps as well as a web app all offering consistent user experience (UX) and features across all three platforms.
From sign-up to confirmation, the user journey has been calibrated to reduce user drop off rates and maintain engagement for the Generation Z and Millennial target demographics.




Engaging micro-interactions and animations bring the app to life and echo honcho’s approachable branding, offering a unique user experience unlike anything currently offered by legacy insurers and price comparison platforms.

The bidding functionality also required complex technical integrations with each insurer’s back-end which needed to be seamless enough that users could be presented with each bidding round in real-time.

Meanwhile, integration with a third-party identity verification platform allows users to instantly confirm that they are who they say they are by scanning their driver's license, significantly reducing friction and minimising the amount of information that has to be inputted.

The platform launched with an initial line-up of motor insurance providers with further insurers and insurance products, including van, learner and home insurance, to be added in the coming months.



2,600 new users in week one, 6 Insurers supported at launch, £1.6 million funding raised so far


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