The Purpose

The C40 Climate Cities Leadership Group is a network of over 90 of the world’s biggest cities that are committed to tackling climate change through collaboration.

Their work relies on the ability to efficiently share data and best practice among member teams, but their old reporting platform was cumbersome and confusing to use.

To facilitate better knowledge sharing and data reporting, C40 wanted to replace it with an intuitive web app that was accessible for its teams around the world and acted as a knowledge pool for its many disparate teams.  

C40 Inventory Development page on laptop
C40 Administrative Team Assignment page on laptop

The Brief

C40 needed a partner that was experienced working with large, complex data sets and were experts in elegant, user-focused design to completely re-think how they were reporting and sharing their data. That’s why they chose us.

C40 cities account for over 650m people spread across every continent on earth, so the web app needed to be accessible enough to be utilised in a wide variety of contexts and had to be future-proofed so that it could support new cities that join the network.

Its use across such a vast range of different teams and cultures meant that the platform had to be straightforward and intuitive to use while at the same time supporting the complexity necessary for the important work of emissions reporting and comparison.

The Product

Our development team went in deep on the code that powered C40’s emissions platform, becoming experts on the complex calculations that are powering the C40 network’s goal of constraining global temperature rises below 1.5°C.

For such a data-driven organisation, usability and easy manipulation of data were absolutely key to C40’s goals. They wanted to make it quick and easy for any team member to input information and for that information to be shareable instantly with other cities across the world.

With this in mind, hedgehog lab’s design team crafted an elegant front-end to simplify all the complex calculations going on in the background. Working closely with the C40 team, our designers iterated and honed the user journey through the platform to ensure that it was as intuitive as possible.

Despite the addition of entirely new functionality such as the creation and administration of user profiles, reporting and collaboration through the web app were significantly more efficient while allowing C40’s members to quickly and easily share the outcomes of their work.

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