The Problem

With over 3 million customers walking through their doors each week, B&M lacked a mobile offering and needed a team to design and build their first mobile apps. 

As one of Britain's largest discount chains, B&M possess over 560 stores across the United Kingdom. 

Though one of the top 10 retailers for high street presence, the brand had never offered their customers a mobile presence.

Recognising the missed opportunity to increase customer footfall, engagement and brand loyalty, B&M were impressed with our track record in helping big brands go mobile and asked us to design and develop their platform.

B&M app on Android and iPhone
B&M App on an android tablet and an iPad

The Solution

We delivered iOS and Android apps, featuring latest offers, results tailored to each and a comprehensive product search engine for customers.

Featuring a bespoke navigation experience, the apps allow customers to browse the retailer's latest promotions and offers with ease. 

The app tailors user experiences to each customer via categories which allow users to select only the types of product which are of relevance and interest to them. An algorithm then curates recommended product lists, helping to increase both engagement and sales.

The app's dynamic search engine also allows users to search for products by keywords, category, brands and even via a barcode scanner. This functionality ensures the platform can scan B&M's inventory of over 300,000 products and help convert users into customers.

B&M's platform has proved a hit amongst consumers, with the app picking up a total of over 250,000 installs across Android and iOS devices within just three months of launch.

"Our work has completely transformed how B&M's customers interact with the brand, with over 30,000 users opening the app on a daily basis."

Sarat Pediredla - CEO & Co-Founder of hedgehog lab

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